• Confidential information and identity theft are increasingly common
  • Personal anguish and significant financial loss can occur from exploited information
  • Personal information needs to be protected and corporate data needs to be compliant
  • Significant amount of data is stolen from disposed printed communication – dumpster diving – which is underestimated!
  • Inappropriate destruction and disposal of printed communication can lead to ID theft or other types of fraud


  • The ability to print or write data onto a surface which can be effectively destroyed at will
  • A product with an inbuilt destruction mechanism that does not need extraneous equipment for shredding, burning or other common demolition methods
  • A destruction mechanism which has the ability to completely destroy the data ensuring it can never be recreated


  • Product can be attached to a backing sheet e.g. an adhesive layer for the production of labels
  • Guaranteed full destruction of sensitive data to prevent theft and resultant anguish or financial loss
  • Product fully compliant with DIN 66399 shredding levels P-1 to P-4 for destruction of confidential information (smallest strip size ≤160 mm² particles with width ≤ 6 mm) HIPAA and FACTA compliant
  • Alternate embodiments able to satisfy DIN 66399 shredding levels P-5 to P-7 for destruction of classified information and NSA compliant (smallest strip size ≤5 mm² particles with width ≤ 1 mm)